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Get on Board with the Conflict - Free Minerals Resolution

The Temple Isaiah Board of Trustees made history May 12 when it unanimously passed the Conflict-Free Minerals Resolution May 12, making us the second temple to do so.

Similar to blood diamonds, conflict minerals include tin, tantalum, and tungsten, which are used in our computers, cell phones, and other electronic devices. Such minerals come largely from Congolese mines involved with major atrocities. The resolution stipulates that Temple Isaiah will:

o Call on electronic companies worldwide to take the necessary steps to remove conflict minerals from their supply chain and to confirm the ultimate source of component minerals

 o Factor in future purchasing decisions whether electronic products manufacturers certify that their products are free of conflict minerals and, when available, will favor verifiably conflict-free products

o Convey to our congregants and the wider faith community our actions and urge them to do the same.

And here’s what we can now do as individuals until conflict-free mineral products are available:

 1. Endorse the Conflict Minerals Pledge yourself:

2. Encourage electronics companies to endorse the Conflict Minerals Pledge:

 By taking this action, an email will go out to each of the 21 biggest electronics companies and we can start creating the demand for electronic products that have conflict-free minerals.


Temple Isaiah supports the Conflict-Free Minerals Resolution