Congregation Based Community Organizing

Today, increasing numbers of synagogues are engaging in interfaith campaigns on vital issues of local concern, from public education to building affordable housing. Three components are essential to the process: one, congregants engage in one-to-one conversations  within their synagogue, and often with other congregations, about their social justice passions; two, leaders engage in extensive clergy and lay leadership training and development; and three, synagogue leaders work side-by-side with dozens of faith institutions and progressive organizations in their community, across lines of race, class, and faith.

 After hundreds of one-to-one conversations, we identified a shared concern for public education on the Westside and throughout Los Angeles.

 Click Here for Rabbi Frimmer’s Yom Kippur sermon on justice and public education.

 Click Here to read about the beginning of our work with local schools:

“Healing the World One School at a Time” By Rachel Heller, Jewish Journal

 Click Here to read about our public action on March 7, 2010 attended by Superintendant Ramon Cortines, LAUSD board member Steve Zimmer, and former District 3 Superintendant Michelle King:

“Pursuit of Justice” By Bill Boyarsky, Jewish Journal

 As a faith-based, neighborhood institution, Temple Isaiah is committed to strengthening our local public schools. To learn more about our work and to join our efforts, please contact Diana Hardy at